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There was a time when your choices for flooring were limited to tile, carpet, wood, or linoleum. That was a long time ago, though. Now we have innovative ways of using other materials such as cork, bamboo—and concrete. Not what you think of when you think of a beautiful floor? Think again.
Concrete Flooring Baton Rouge is dedicated to helping the people of Louisiana experience the elegance and beauty that is polished concrete flooring. Once relegated to floors in garages, warehouses, and basements, stained concrete interior floors are now becoming a serious contender in all areas of the home.

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epoxy floor coating
concrete stain design
polished concrete designs

Epoxy Flooring | Stained Concrete | Polished Concrete

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a strong floor coating that offers industrial-grade durability that is perfect for heavy foot and vehicle traffic areas. This concrete coating is very low-maintenance, and comes in many different styles and colors.
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Stained Concrete

If plain old gray does nothing for you, but you really want a concrete floor, why not go for stained concrete instead? It chemically bonds to the concrete, so it won't peel or chip, and the color options are endless.
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Polished Concrete Flooring

Perhaps you want a minimalist look. That works too. You can have the floor laid and leave it at that. The problem with this is that the concrete is still absorbent. So, any spills could lead to staining. A way around this is to have a polishing treatment once the concrete has cured. Once that’s been done, you can skip the epoxy coating or waxing.
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decorative concrete design
epoxy garage floor coating
epoxy floor installation

Decorative Concrete | One Day Garage Floors | Installation Process

Decorative Concrete Overlay

Not all of us like the idea of a plain slab of concrete. Fortunately, many types of overlays can be applied over the slab to give it a more interesting look.
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One Day Custom Garage Floors

We’ll lay your garage floor in one session. Our fast-acting concrete means that it will be ready to use the next day.
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Decorative Concrete Floor Installation

Perhaps you don't want a picture on the floor as such, but you want it to look like more natural flooring like marble or wood. We can make concrete look like just about anything, get in touch today to discuss your options.
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Concrete Driveway Contractor Near Me
Concrete Repair Near Me
Concrete Patio Company

Concrete Driveway | Concrete Repair Service | Concrete Patio

Concrete Driveway Installation

Whether you need a concrete driveway upgrade, new construction driveway, or convert from gravel to a concrete driveway, we are here to help! Take advantage of our skilled design team and turn your driveway into an original masterpiece.
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Concrete Repair Services

If you let a small crack in your concrete go unnoticed, it will eventually turn into a huge repair bill, or even a complete concrete replacement. Call Baton Rouge Concrete Designs at the first sign of damage, and we will be sure to take care of the problem.
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Decorative Concrete Patio

Add a one of a kind design to your outdoor living space with our decorate concrete patio installation services. Our contractors follow a unique protocol to ensure your concrete patio project goes smoothly & is completed in a timely manner.
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