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epoxy floor installationConcrete is one of today’s most useful building materials. It’s cost-effective to install, lends itself to various decorating techniques, and is low-maintenance. It can be used to create sidewalks, driveways, and patios in commercial or residential settings.

There is a catch with concrete, though—if it’s not installed properly, it won’t last anywhere near the thirty to thirty-five years it should. That’s why you want to use the best concrete company Baton Rouge has to offer. The great news is that you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you need installation and maintenance, or just some simple repairs conducted, give us a call. We’ll come up with the right solution for your needs.

You’ve decided that you want to either install new concrete flooring or install epoxy flooring over the top of an existing floor. Those are both great ideas. Concrete is a flooring material that has been largely undervalued.

It’s hardly surprising. A plain concrete slab might be perfect in warehouses, basements, or garages, but it’s not likely to receive any design awards anytime soon. Fortunately, you don’t have to put up with ugly grey concrete anywhere in your home as there are many different finishing techniques.

The Installation Process

No matter which of the concrete or epoxy floor installation techniques you choose, the basic process is the same. The concrete is poured, with a focus on keeping it smooth and level. Then the technique is applied – when exactly depends on the method.

Once the surface has cured sufficiently, everything is topped with the epoxy coating. Once this is dry, you’re done.

The Techniques and When They're Applied

Here are some of the techniques that you can choose from.

Decorative Concrete Floors

Decorative concrete flooring covers so many different areas that it’ll take a little time to explain them all. Essentially, though, this entails adding a decorative detail, usually in the form of texture, to the floor. Several options fall under this category:

  • Painted: A design can be painted onto the floor. Concrete painting can be done freehand or using stencils; it just depends on what look you want to achieve. The concrete should be dry.
  • Stamped: Here a mold is used to create the shape that you want. You need a steady hand, especially if it’s a repeating pattern. You could also impress a stencil at this point. Either way, the concrete must be wet.
  • Etching: This technique is a little more involved because it means carving a design out of the concrete. Etching is easier when the concrete is still damp but can also be done when it’s dry.

Polished Concrete Design

Perhaps you don’t want anything too decorative. Maybe you just want an industrial, commercial or residential floor that will wear well and be low maintenance. It doesn’t get much more low maintenance than this.

Here the concrete is allowed to cure properly, and then the surface is sanded to make it smooth. An industrial polisher is then brought in to buff it until it gleams. Polishing is a simple, but highly effective technique to improve the looks of the floor.

Stained Concrete

This technique is for those who want a different color on their floors. The process can be done on an existing floor, or over a new one as long as the concrete has started to cure. The stain is applied and then causes a chemical reaction with the minerals in the concrete.

This, in turn, makes it possible for the concrete to change color. In the process, the stain bonds with the floor and is permanent from then on.

Concrete Driveways

Paved driveways look nice. That is until the weeds and grass start breaking through the grouting. They also take forever to install. Why not cheat a bit and used concrete instead? You’ll have your beautiful drive up and ready within about 72 hours. We can make it look just like stone or brick.

Concrete Sidewalk Contractors

To make any adjustments to the sidewalk, you’ll need to get a permit from the municipality. Why bother? Let’s face it; the municipality is not always on top of its game when it comes to maintaining the sidewalks.

No matter how wonderful the curb appeal of your home is, if that curb looks wonky, so does your home. There’s also the risk of someone injuring themselves. Now, we understand that it’s the municipality’s responsibility.

That’s not going to stop some ambulance-chasing attorney trying to go after anyone they think they can make money out of, though.

A Custom Concrete Patio

Patios are typically paved or wooden. Why not break the mold and opt for concrete? It’s more durable, easier to lay, and will look great for at least thirty years.

What’s more, you won’t be spending every alternative summer sanding wood and resealing it.

We’ll create a gorgeous custom patio for you. Thanks to the sealants we use, clean-up is a breeze. All you’ll need to do is to sweep it off occasionally or hose it down. There’s no worrying about wine stains or grease stains. Just a patio that looks amazing for many years to come.

Concrete Flooring is Best Left to Professionals

Whether this is an installation, construction, or remodel, concrete flooring is not a project that is suitable for the DIY enthusiast. The epoxy especially can be tricky to get just right. As for the other decorative touches, there are some that you could try on your own.

You could, for example, paint your own design on the floor. It’s a great way to practice your art, and you’ll have a permanent reminder of it. Just keep in mind that the bigger the room, the more work it will be and the harder it will be to keep everything symmetrical.

When it comes to the final protective layer, though, it’s best to contact at a professional, and the professionals at Concrete Flooring Baton Rouge are the best. Give us a call today.

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