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polished concrete designsConcrete flooring offers a range of different benefits for consumers. It’s a durable, low-maintenance option that is also cost-effective. What more could you want? What about a little panache? Let’s face it—plain concrete is boring.

That's fine for those areas where it doesn't really matter, like basements, warehouses, and garages. Concrete patio designs can also work quite well and plain concrete pool deck resurfacing provides a practical and durable option. Still, it's not very interesting, is it?

Fortunately, though, you don’t have to put up with a plain concrete coating. Using polished concrete flooring can really up the wow factor. Alternatively, when you’re looking at concrete resurfacing in Baton Rouge, you can also opt for polished concrete designs.

The concrete can be stained to give it a new color or painted to match the décor. That makes concrete one of the most useful products for new installations, construction, remodeling in any industrial, commercial, or residential setting.

The Benefits of Polished Concrete

The pros of using polished concrete instead of more traditional methods like carpeting include:

  • Easy to maintain: After the initial prep work is done, and the floor has been properly polished, it becomes simple to maintain it. All you need to do is to dust it regularly and follow up by washing it once a week or so. Clean water is usually all you need.
  • Eco-friendly: Your floor, if looked after properly, will last a lifetime. You don’t need to repaint it, reseal it, and so on as you would with wooden floors.
  • Economical: The cost of the install is going to depend on the design that you choose. If you want a floor that looks like marble, it’s going to cost you a bit more. If you compare this to the cost of real marble, it’s very economical. It’s durability also ups the economy factor.
  • Won’t Hold Mold: With wooden floors and carpeting, a lot of dirt and dust can be trapped. Moisture is absorbed by these materials as well, and this increases the chances of mold developing. With concrete, this isn’t an issue.
  • Versatility: We’re confident when we say that this is the most versatile flooring medium. Keep it plain and polished, paint it to look like natural stone or marble, or just stain it the color that you like. The choices are almost endless here.
  • Helps to keep the home cooler: The floors are naturally cool in summer, which can help you to reduce your cooling costs over time. Don’t worry about those chilly winters either—you can install in-heat flooring.

Polished concrete doesn’t have many drawbacks, but if the person installing the flooring makes a mistake, it’s near impossible to fix. A careless firm might leave imprints, discolor the concrete, or not smooth it over properly. These can all affect the finish, and are an excellent case for why you should choose a reputable contractor—like us!

Let Concrete Flooring Baton Rouge Polish Your Floors Today

With concrete flooring, there are a whole lot of upsides and very few drawbacks. If you’re looking for flooring that will look great for many years to come, that is easy to clean and maintain, and that is hard-wearing, give us a call to set up a free consultation. The quality of our work and service is unmatched in Louisiana.

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