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epoxy floor coatingPutting down concrete floors is not the cheapest option upfront. The upside, though, is with the right epoxy floor coating, it’s a one-time expense. When installed by an epoxy flooring specialist from Concrete Flooring Baton Rouge, your epoxy floor covering can last a lifetime.

Cleaning is simple enough and, as long as you look after it properly, it will look as good today as it will in a few years.

The Benefits of the Waterproof Epoxy Floor Coating

If you’re laying a plain concrete floor in a low-traffic area, custom epoxy coating does become less important. If you’re laying it in a high-traffic area, though, where there’s a lot of dirt, like basements, warehouses, or garages, it’s better to have it installed as well.

Also, if you’re having the floor painted, the epoxy provides a protective layer that will lock in the design and protect it.

The benefits of epoxy flooring include:

  • Waterproofing
  • A strong, durable finish
  • You can choose from a range of colors
  • It helps create a high-gloss effect
  • It will last for a lifetime

What Might Influence the Cost?

Naturally, the cost that you pay is going to depend on how much work you want to be done. Resurfacing a floor is relatively inexpensive, as long as the concrete is still in good condition. If the surface needs cleaned up, that costs extra.

If we’re laying the floor as well, we’ll need to let it cure completely before adding the epoxy. That means coming in for an extra visit.

The weather also plays a significant role. The temperatures have to be at least 50° F to allow concrete and epoxy to set correctly. If necessary, we can bring in heaters to finish the process off, but that will cost more.

If you want the best possible durability, solid epoxy will give you the best results overall, but it also increases the cost. That said, the extra durability will pay off in spades in high-traffic areas.

You do have to consider your options here. Epoxy usually is cheaper than having tiling put down, so you can get the look that you're after and still save money.

Different Finishes Mean Different Prices

If you’re just putting down a layer of epoxy flooring for a plain industrial, commercial, or residential project, then it’s a pretty straightforward process. This option costs the least.

Prices start to go up if you want special techniques to be used on the concrete. Say, for example, that you want the concrete etched or stained, that’s extra work and so too extra cost. The upside is that the epoxy concrete floor combination is especially hard-wearing.

You can opt to have a design painted on the floor first, or add some oomph by using a metallic coating. It all depends on where your installation, construction, or remodeling is happening.

You wouldn’t, for example, want a fancy technique used in most commercial epoxy flooring projects. This is especially the case when it comes to areas that the public will never see.

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