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Concrete Driveway Contractor Near MeWhen it comes to driveways, concrete can offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive stone or bricks. With the tools and techniques available to us today, we can make a plain concrete slab look like cobbled stone. Your neighbors will think you spent a fortune (only you’ll know better).

Why Consider a Concrete Driveway Baton Rouge?

Forget what you thought you knew about concrete. It’s not a plain and boring flooring surface anymore. With stamping and staining techniques, it can be made to look really outstanding. You could get the look of brick or stone without the initial cost or repairs and maintenance.

If you’re worried about surface cracks developing, rest assured. We use a specialist cure—a sealant that ensures maximum durability for your new commercial or residential driveway alike.

Concrete is a poor heat conductor. It won’t expand and contract as other materials might when the elements change, so it’s highly durable and simple to maintain. The worst maintenance task is to hose off the driveway.

Every three or four years, reseal the surface. That’s it—the maintenance is complete!

If you like to do your bit for the environment, you’ll love concrete. It’s made up of building waste that would otherwise end up at the landfill. We also use a range of sealants that lock in the color and make it resistant to staining.
Best of all, we pour the concrete as we use it, so there’s no waste or piles of leftover stones or bricks left afterward.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Concrete Driveway?

This is another advantage when it comes to concrete. It’s easy to install. All you do is to pour it and let it cure.

If you like, we’ll also stamp it with the design of your choice. Laying the slab can usually be completed in a single day, depending on how big the area is. So, there’s no having to wait for a contractor to lay each brick individually or for a contractor to piece together different bits of stone.

Once the slab has been laid, it will take between 48 and 72 hours to cure completely. At the 72-hour mark, we come back in and apply any other stains or sealants required. Our fully licensed and insured contractors will choose the perfect sealants for a durable finish.

Six hours after the slab has been poured, you can walk on it. We don’t recommend it, but the option is there if necessary. Once the curing has taken place, you’d be able to park your vehicle (again, we don’t recommend this until the sealant has fully set).

The sealant dries within 24 hours. Once that’s done, your driveway is ready for you to use. How long it lasts depends on the skill of those installing it. We understand the weather conditions in Baton Rouge, so we make sure that there are seams in the concrete—this allows it to expand a little without cracking.

How Long Do Custom Driveways Last?

We use two to three coats of sealant. There is no way your driveway suffers stains anytime soon. The typical driveway lasts between twenty and thirty years—depending on the amount of use, and maintenance performed. Our driveways, however, last around 35 years because we use the best!

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