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Concrete Repair Near MeConcrete is a highly durable surface. It’s also an extremely porous one. That’s why it’s essential to use a commercial-grade sealant on it just after it has been installed.

It’s also essential to reapply the sealant from time to time.

Perhaps, you didn’t know that as a homeowner or commercial landlord. It’s no one’s fault, but now your concrete is looking the worse for wear. Does that mean that it needs to be dug up for a new slab to be poured? Not necessarily.

Part of the beauty of concrete is that there is a lot that you can do to renew it. If the initial installation was done correctly, a good resurfacing will take care of cracks and crevices, and any uneven areas.

So, before you get ready to dig up all that concrete, give us a call. We’re the premier team for concrete repair Baton Rouge trusts. Let us come in and check what your next step should be. We work in both residential and commercial properties.

Our consultant will come out to assess the situation and show you samples of the new looks.

Resurfacing Concrete

If the underlying concrete is still in a reasonable condition, resurfacing is the most cost-effective option. Our first step is to pressure wash the surface. This will remove any grime that’s built up, and also loosen bits of concrete that are degrading.

That’s a good thing. You want only the bits that are in good repair left over.

Cracks In Your Concrete?

Nine times out of ten, surface cracks are the result of temperature extremes. The concrete is not great at conducting heat but will expand when it’s hot. When cold, it will contract. The results are cracks.

Cracks can also form when something is dropped on the surface, though this isn't common. We’ll come in and assess the problem. We’ll get the cracks fixed quickly before they become a real issue.

Commercial Concrete Repair

As a business owner, you can’t afford to leave yourself open to liability suits. If you have a crack or break in the concrete, that’s a potential lawsuit waiting to happen. Your first step is to cordon off the area so that no one can use it.

Then give us a call so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Residential Concrete Repair

Concrete is used in several areas of the home now. It’s not just relegated to driveways or garage floors anymore. A concrete countertop, for example, can provide an interesting décor element in your kitchen.

Again, any cracks need to be dealt with as soon as possible. While we hope your family wouldn’t sue you if they tripped, it’s something you should take care of promptly.

Give us a call and speak to us about repairing the surface. We’re quite happy to come in and patch up any areas that need it. If the time has come for a full resurfacing, you won’t find a better company to deal with, either.

We charge fair rates, do outstanding work, and, most importantly, know what we’re doing.

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