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Decorative Stamped ConcreteConcrete as we know it is not the most interesting floor feature. True, a highly polished concrete floor can make quite a statement, but it doesn’t really fit in with many decorating styles. Or, at least, it didn’t until the last few years.
Since then, concrete has seen something of a revival. It’s not surprising—it’s a simple medium to work with, and inexpensive as well. More importantly, though, it’s easy to disguise concrete as a far more expensive material.
In this post, we’ll look at why you should consider the custom stamped concrete Baton Rouge adores.

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Stamping is a little bit of a misnomer here. It is possible to use stamps to impress an image into wet concrete. Those stamps, however, tend to be specialized and pricey. Stencils can be used to impress a pattern in a residential or commercial setting just as easily.

The advantage is that they’re less expensive and a lot easier to come by. You also have more choices. Use a creative way to impress your design. Bubble wrap, for example, is another way to impress a design. It’s not something that we’d use, but you get the idea.

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Benefits of Stamping Concrete

Why use concrete instead of brick or marble? For many years concrete has been considered the poor cousin. It’s what you put down when you don’t have money for more expensive materials and installation methods.

That’s an idea that most people are changing their minds about. Firstly, concrete requires practically no maintenance. If it’s properly sealed, concrete is not going to stain, lose its aesthetic appeal, or fade.

All you’ll need to do is to reapply the sealant every few years, and that’s it. From there you have a hard-wearing, waterproof surface that’s highly durable. It’s going to cost you a lot less than putting down bricks, marble, or tar.

What’s more, it can be laid in slabs, reducing the need for grouting and preventing the overgrowth of vegetation between the joins. Outdoors, it handles the elements well and, when laid down properly by us, won’t crack.

Decorative Concrete Work

Why have a plain concrete slab when you can make it spectacular? Speak to us about stamping to create a custom look for your home. Stamped concrete is just as strong as the standard stuff. The added advantage is that it looks great.

There’s a further advantage that you might not have thought about, though. Stamping the concrete roughens the surface, making it easier to maintain a grip. It also allows water to run off more easily.

Forget the boring stark color scheme we’re all used to—water-based stains have changed things significantly. We can make your concrete look more like a natural slate or stone. The colors can be used to highlight designs in the stamping.

If you want to find out how we can help you create statement features at a fraction of the cost, give us a call today.

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